Thunderstruck Sets the Pace at the UK Slots Casino

Thunderstruck Sets the Pace at the UK Slots Casino

Thunderstruck has been one of the most popular UK online slots games ever since it appeared in 2005, and anyone who spends a little time getting to know the game will immediately know why. The game is based on the theme of Norse mythology and features Thor and his thunderous hammer, as well as Odin, the supreme god in the Norse tradition. Thunderstruck also gives players everything they are looking for in the UK online casino, including a generous number of pay lines, wilds, multipliers, bonus games, scatter symbols, and free spins. As UK online slots go, it is hard to match the thrill and action of Thunderstruck.

UK Online Slots With Non-Stop Action

Ever since Thunderstruck first appeared in the UK slots casino, fans have been swarming to the game. While most UK online slots games today features the same high quality graphics and sound effects and witty themes, Thunderstruck represented a major evolutionary development in UK online slots. Until that point, most video slots in the UK slots casino were three reel, one pay line games that recreated the experience of the mechanical machines. With Thunderstruck and other games released in the same era, fans were treated to five reels and many more pay lines. The games were faster and more exciting. More importantly, with the higher number of pay lines, players were also treated to a much higher rate of payoffs, making the experience much more appealing.

Still the Highlight of the UK Slots Casino

Although Thunderstruck has been around for many years, it remains one of the most popular games in the UK slots casino.It remains a fan favorite because it gives players the online slots casino they want. The winnings come often, and the game is always a pleasure to look at and play. Plus, it's hard to match the thrill that comes every time the Thor symbols appears, helping complete any pay line and doubling the winnings of the original bet. or when a ram symbol appears, serving as a scatter symbol, helping complete any pay line from anywhere on the screen. Although there are no limits on the reaches of technology, it seems that the UK online slots hit the sweet spot when they created Thunderstruck.