The Lord of the Rings Slots Game

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The Lord of the Rings online slots game, based on the immensely popular film trilogy of the same name, is one of the most innovative and popular games in the UK online casino. It was the first game to feature the exciting and original Cinematic Spins. The feature consists of short live-action film clips of The Lord of the Rings characters as they appear in the classic trilogy. The clips appear as the reels are spinning, making the game far more immersive than any online slots game that came before it. While other games in the UK online casino have offered animated features, The Lord of the Rings is the first to introduce the live-action film clips into the online slots, giving you the feeling like you joined the fellowship of the ring along with the characters.

One Online Slots Game to Rule Them All

In addition to the Cinematic Spins feature, The Lord of the Rings also pioneered another outstanding new feature - the expanding wild symbol. Although The Lord of the Rings logo serves as a regular wild symbol, replacing any other symbol to complete a payout, there is another symbol that functions slightly differently. Whenever the Eye of Sauron appears anywhere in the third reel, it expands to take up the whole reel and serves as wild symbol, replacing any symbol other than the scatter. Between the expanding wild and the film clips, the shape of the board shifts and changes with every spin, keeping the action fast and furious while making it difficult for anyone to take their eye off the game. It is hard to find another online slots game in the UK online casino that captures the eye as well as The Lord of the Rings.

One of the Highlights of the UK Online Casino

The new and innovative features of The Lord of the Rings grab the most attention, but even without the dazzling effects, it's still one of the most exciting online slots games in the UK online casino. It has five reels and includes the popular 243 ways to win feature, which results in a higher rate of payouts than online slots games with numerous pay lines. But just to make sure the winnings come as often as possible it also contains wild symbols, and scatters, and chances for free spins and multipliers. All in all, The Lord of the Rings gives you a complete online slots experience. And it's great fun to look at as well.