For players playing at a UK online casino, one of the first things they need to consider is how they intend to finance their time spent at the online casino. Factors that players should take into account when choosing a payment method is that it should be easy to use, safe and secure and that payment transfers should be made in a quick and timely manner.

Skrill, an E-wallet Payment Account

To this end, more and more players are opening e-wallet payment accounts. These e-wallet accounts allow the player to make money transfers online without the need to divulge private and sensitive information such as credit card or bank details. One of the more popular e-wallets used for online banking in the UK, is Skrill.  Skrill is an e-wallet payment method that was formerly known as Moneybookers.

Skrill is a safe and trusted name among players at the UK online casino and it is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority. Once the player has opened up a Skrill account online, he simply chooses it as a payment method at the online casino of his choice and there is no need to provide any further personal information to the online casino operators.

Once the player chooses Skrill as his payment method, he decides how many credits he wishes to purchase at the casino, and the payments will arrive almost instantly. Winnings can be deposited back into the players Skrill account or they can be used to purchase more credits at the UK online casino.

Advantages of Using Skrill as a Payment Method

As well as the element of privacy that using the Skrill method provides, Skrill is also a great method of keeping tabs on how much you are betting at the online casino. Because all of the player’s funds must be deposited into his account ahead of time, the funds in the account can act as the player’s casino budget, when the money in the account runs out it means that the player’s time at the online casino is up.

The ease and speed of use, the fact that when depositing funds into your Skrill account from your bank account there are no fees involved and the strong level of security, make it easy to understand why Skrill is such a popular choice for online banking in the UK.