Play Pub Fruity at the UK Online Casino

Play Pub Fruity at the UK Online Casino

Take a trip back to a simpler time, which you might head to your local pub to play a few spins on the local fruit machine slots game. With Pub Fruity, a three-reel UK online casino slots game, you can relive those days in the comfort of your own home. Everything about the game harks back to an earlier era, when three reel machines were the norm, and all of the symbols were fruit, including lemons, cherries, oranges, and grapes. The game is also set inside a pub, with beers on tap and a waitress ready to take your order. The only sign of anything new about the game is the shiny Pub Fruity logo that appears among the fruit symbols.

A Throwback for the UK Online Casino

Pub Fruity is a slots game that captures the pure pleasure of spinning the reels and hoping for the symbols to match up in a row. The fruit machines it's based on were the original inspiration for the five reel slots games that take up so much space in the UK online casino today. In fact, current generation of UK online casino slots are based on games exactly like Pub Fruity, which really capture the experience people had with fruit machines before the online casino was created. One of the basic elements that carries over from the days of mechanical slots to today is the idea of a jackpot. When three Pub Fruity logos appear at the same time, you hit the game's jackpot, a win of 250 times your original bet.

UK Online Casino Slots of All Kinds

Like any authentic pub experience, Pub Fruity offers the kind of bonus games that you'd be likely to encounter. The first game, known as the Drinks Trail, gives you a chance to sample some of the fine goods on offer at the pub, and a chance to win a whopping 500 times your original bet. The second bonus game, known as the Dart Contest, asks you to guess which pub dweller is the best dart thrower. Pick the winner correctly and get as much as 1,000 times your bet. So make sure you're playing for real money, because with winnings like that, you don't want to miss out. So take a nostalgic trip through the UK online casino slots games and relive the glory days of fruit machines and their simple pleasures.