Paysafecard a Great Online Banking Option

A Paysafecard is a prepaid card that you can use to buy stuff online or to play in a UK online casino. Getting hold of a Paysafecard is easy. In the UK there are over 20,000 locations that sell the card including shops, corner shops and newspaper shops.

Where to Purchase a Paysafecard and How it Works

After paying cash starting at £10 and also available for £25, £50 and £75, you will be given a card that has a secure16 digit PIN number printed on it. When playing at the UK online casino, you need to simply enter your Paysafecard PIN number and start to play, all the costs will simply be deducted from your Paysafecard balance.

For the first twelve months after purchasing your Paysafecard, there are no additional costs. After you have had the Paysafecard for twelve months, there is an administrative fee of £2 per month. This fee will be automatically deducted from your credit.

Your Paysafecard balance can be easily be viewed on the official Paysafecard site, by entering your 16 digit PIN code.

A Paysafecard can also be bought using your mobile phone, although this option is not available to Virgin Mobile customers. Here you will be charged a little bit extra for the convenience of buying the card from your mobile. The amount purchased will be deducted directly for your mobile phone bill.

Even though a Paysafecard can only hold a maximum of £75, players at All Slots Casino can use up to 10 separate cards to fund their casino account.

Advantages of the Paysafecard for UK Online Casino Play

The greatest advantage of using Paysafecard as an online banking method, is that the customer does not need to own a credit card or even have a bank account to purchase a Paysafecard. A customer playing at a UK online casino can quickly, easily and privately fund his online account without having to enter personal credit card details.

Paysafecard is reliable and easy to use. It is available in many Paysafecard outlets all over the UK. As an online banking option when playing at a UK online casino it is a secure banking method. Furthermore, as with cash, it will make sure that you never go above your credit limit. Paysafecard is a real Play safe card, having fun at the online casino while staying within your budget!